Help make our Ottawa roads safer with Allstate Tales Action

November 4, 2019

As a mom-to-be and aunt to 5 nieces, one of the things I’ve always been nervous about is driving with kids in the car, Especially with Ottawa’s higher collision rates. I know I’m a cautious driver, but accidents do happen and I’m always worried other people are not always obeying the rules of the road or even know the rules of the road for that matter. I know I’m not alone in seeing “bad drivers” everywhere in our city so that’s why I’m excited to team up with Allstate Canada’s Allstate Takes Action campaign to help raise awareness and refresh drivers about the rules of the road and some great safer driving tips.

In 2018 Allstate Canada Safe Driving Study found that Ottawa was ranked among the 10 least safe communities to drive in due to a higher frequency of collisions than other Canadian communities. It also found that Ottawan’s often feel unsafe or uncertain when driving, especially when using a roundabout.  Even though roundabouts are actually known to significantly reduce vehicle collisions, with 35% fewer crashes, 90% fewer vehicle-related fatalities and 76% fewer vehicle-related injuries. In our city there are currently 21 roundabout intersections and it seems they’re popping up everywhere. We tend to see these develop in the newer subdivisions where we currently live. With that, here are some great safety reminders when driving through a roundabout:

 -Cars are required to yield to pedestrians and traffic already using the roundabout.

-Drive counter-clockwise and always look to the right of the centre island.

-Don’t cut drivers off in a roundabout. Enter only when there is a safe gap in traffic, show drivers courtesy.

-Don’t stop in a roundabout, except to avoid a collision. If you miss your exit, go all the way around the roundabout again and proceed to exit.

-Be mindful of pedestrians and cyclists when approaching a roundabout.

With winter around the corner, collision rates also rise from December to February. It’s important to drive with extra caution during this time. According to Allstate Canada collision data rear-end collisions are the most common type of car related accidents on Canadian roads. Winter tires are a known preventative measure to ensure safety while driving in the colder months.That being said, be mindful that tires can lose a pound of pressure for every 5 degrees Celsius when the temperature drops – so make sure you are consistently checking your tire pressure. Always leave 8-10 seconds between your car and the car in front of you and stay focused by limiting distractions. The days leading up to Christmas see high traffic and are typically some of the worst days to drive, with Friday being the worst day for driving across the country for the past decade. Hope this information will help you stay safe on the roads, especially with winter around the corner! For more information, including safer driving tips be sure to check out Allstate Canada

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