Spinco Ottawa

June 11, 2018

Some find balance through yoga…others connect spiritually through mediation…for me it was Spinco that helped me find my groove back. I started spinning in fall 2017 before Spinco was even opened. I was part of a practice group for trainers to test and perfect their skills before they opened their doors to the public. My initial attraction to the class was how well it pushed me and the insane full body workout. While spinning to the beat of the music you’re engaging your legs, glutes, arms and core while sweating in places you never thought possible. The instructors motivate you and are able to push you out of your comfort zone…. convincing you to turn that dial just a little more and give it everything you got to achieve higher levels of strength. They do this while also energizing your mind and feeding your soul…and boy did it ever heal mine. After I lost my job my world was flipped upside down. Things I’ve always done all of a sudden made no sense. I’ve always loved working out and going to the gym…. but for some reason I didn’t feel like it…. nor did I feel comfortable at the gym…which wasn’t at all like me….so after months of not working out…I jumped back on the bike. Spinco helped me to reconnect with who I was…a strong passionate woman with a no quit attitude…and Nicole Hilstob and the Spinco team reminded me of this.

Nicole Hilstob Co-owner Spinco Ottawa

Class was more than just pedaling and sweating…it was about connecting with your body…your mind and your spirit. How you ask? Well while you’re on the bike pedalling as hard as you can, the instructors are able to sink deep into your core. Reminding you that “you’re stronger than you think you are…. sometimes you have to fall in order to achieve something bigger…. struggling is part of the journey…what doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you…find your edge and prove to yourself just how strong you are.” Trust me when you’re in that room and you hear these things it speaks to you. Maybe it’s because they’re pushing your body to lengths you never thought possible that your mind connects with your body and you realize that boundaries are meant to be broken. Many times, I would get goosebumps in class…even though I was so hot and sweaty…because I was remembering who I was…the girl who was never afraid to climb a mountain…. the girl who’s not going to let this fork in the road define her…but just make it part of her story. The best part is while I was reconnecting with myself I was also getting the baddest workout of my life….my body was also changing physically…back to the strong person I was before my world fell apart. To say I love spinning and Spinco is an understatement. It picked me up off the ground…and made me stronger both physically and mentally. So, if you’re looking for a full body workout made to inspire and uplift…you need to come to a class and unleash your purpose…as I like to say it’s a killer workout with free therapy!


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