The Quarantine Bake Craze

April 29, 2020

Are you even in quarantine if you’re not baking!  By the looks of the flour isle at grocery stores these days it seems everyone is taking on the time-honoured task that has been a love of mine ever since I was a little girl.  Some of my earliest and fondest memories are baking peach pies with my grandmother on her farm.  Never one to use a recipe I’m still in awe of my grandmother and her ability to make everything perfect without following instructions…trial and error she would say. Now as a mom I hope to pass this love of the kitchen on to our son Luca.  Nigel and I both spend a lot of time whipping up delicious recipes in the kitchen.  We love to create our own versions of our favourite dishes and love to entertain guests with delicious homemade dishes.  I’ve provided a few recipes of my favourite easy most requested items on St.Laurent’sblog site that I hope you enjoy, from protein pancakes, to easy cookies and yes my favourite chocolate vanilla cupcakes as seen in this picture.  Let me know which ones you enjoy!




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