Pregnancy Workouts with Premium Performance Fitness Centre

September 4, 2019

This is a little bit of a different “workout update” since I’m pregnant there will be no inches
lost….pounds shed….or muscle mass gained….it’s more about how my workouts have evolved
to keep up with my changing body.

Working out while pregnant is safe for most, but it’s always advised to check with your doctor which I did and was deemed perfectly safe and in fact encouraged in my case. Since I’ve always worked out my body was used to the physical demands of working out, lifting weights and doing exercises. But it doesn’t mean we continued the same workouts as before….as a matter of fact my program changed quite a bit after I found out I was pregnant thanks to the expert advice at Premium Performance. My trainer and co-owner Dave was one of the first to know I was expecting. I felt comfortable telling him right away knowing that the information was confidential until I made it public. It was important for him to know as my trainer that I was pregnant, so he could cater my program accordingly.

The first trimester was definitely the hardest….I was sick….and not “morning sick” it was like an all-day sickness…I often felt like I was “hungover” but yet hadn’t had a sip of alcohol…I also suffered from intense 4 day migraines. It was not easy to get to the gym…trust me there were days I just wanted to stay in bed…but the thing about working out it actually made me feel better. There were obvious times I was too sick to train…migraine days mainly, but Dave was able to accommodate me when I was feeling ill. He catered my program according to how I was feeling and how my body was changing, abdominal exercises were eliminated to make way for a growing baby.

The biggest change in my program came during second trimester when my belly started to appear. No longer was I able to do certain exercises (laying on my belly) and my program became catered towards helping my body grow this baby. Back exercises were modified to ease pressure off my lower back but continue to strengthen my back to help the pain. Hamstring curls were modified from laying to standing and thankfully they have the right equipment to accommodate this. A lot of arm and shoulder exercise moved from standing to seated positions to help with posture and support. My exercises went from heavy weights to lower weights with more repetition to support and ease any sort of tension on my body. Having a trainer definitely eased my mind while working out. I know they’re experts in their field and they truly know what they are doing. The advantages of also having a trainer mean they are there to guide and support me throughout each exercise each repetition making sure I’m doing it properly to avoid any sort of injury. Working out has definitely helped ease my body to the changes of being pregnant, and helped me feel strong to help grow this baby. I have peace of mind knowing my workouts are being catered to me and my growing body, and they’re able to accommodate all my needs if something doesn’t feel right. I still try to workout out 4 days a week, although some weeks its only 3 due to my schedule or my body not feeling well, and thankfully they’re always so understanding and accommodating. As I move into third trimester my workouts will be modified again to accommodate more weight gain and more pressure on my body. You can follow along as we post a lot of workout videos on Instagram or reach out to Premium Performance Fitness Center if you have any questions…and stay tuned for more pregnancy updates!

Xx Melissa

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